Characteristics of Nakao Laboratory

Nakao, Nagato, Ueda, and Ito Laboratory is a “Monodzukuri” laboratory. We are working on several very different topics, but all of them are targeting on accumulating technologies and methodologies for designing and delivering better products and services to the world.

 Since its predecessor, the Hatamura Laboratory, this laboratory has a long history working on production technology, such as casting and drilling, and practical know-how and technological philosophy have been inherited since then. Today, we are still keep conducting research to apply the wisdom of traditional production technology to a wide range of cutting-edge manufacturing.

 Students share information with their labmates who have a different topic from their own, which enable them to review/revise themselves from a new perspective. Students are stimulated by passionate discussions with delightful and unique professors. Students participate in frequently arranged field trips and lectures to broaden their knowledge. Students gain a wide range of knowledge from alumni who are active in various fields. The Nakao Laboratory provides an environment that fosters students who can set and solve problems on their own, and promises the rejoice to everyone’s research life.

Students Interview

Meeting to observe the Comprehensive Fire Drill

The Fuji Fire Drill is an annual public exercise held by the Ground Self-Defense Force’s Fuji Command in August. This tour was launched by Professor Hatamura with the idea of “providing an opportunity to experience the greatness of tanks and armored vehicles”, and has been held every year since 1993.

Heda Camp

Every year in August, the Nakao Lab holds a four-day, three-night camp at the University of Tokyo’s Toda Dormitory. Because the camp is held on a Saturday and Sunday, it is a lively camp where not only students but also alumni, professors, and their families gather, and we deepen our friendship in an environment surrounded by nature. In addition, an exchange party with local junior high school students is held every year.

Ski Camp

A ski camp is held around the end of February. In 2019, due to the lack of snow and other factors, we were not able to hold a ski camp, but a wagtail fishing event was held by volunteers.

Conference Presentations

Nakao Laboratory supports students’ participation in international conferences. In FY2019, Mr. Ito (M2), Mr. Tagata (M2), Mr. Oyama (M1), Mr. Okamura (M1), and Mr. Tendo (M1) gave presentations at ASPE (USA), Mr. Koizumi (M2) at GBCIC (Austria), Mr. Takada (M1) at ITSC (New Zealand), and Mr. Tomizawa (D1) at IMPRES (Kanazawa).

Heisei Seminar and OB Presentation

Nakao Lab. holds the Heisei Seminar in June and the OB Meeting in March every year. Last year’s meeting was held online because of the Corona disaster. In the Heisei Seminar, we listen to lectures by Nakao Lab alumni who are active in the industrial world. In the alumni meeting, students present the results of their research to the alumni.


We have a party to welcome new B4 & M1 students, to celebrate the end of graduate school examinations, to celebrate the end of the year, and so on. The party is filled with a lively and homey atmosphere, with students taking the lead in preparing food, and at the year-end party, B3 gives a small-group seminar presentation and demonstration on the spot.